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Who can attend the RISE conference? Do I have to be a social worker or a social work student?

RISE is open to everyone interested in creating a more equitable world.  Although the conference is specifically geared towards social workers and social work students, the topics it covers are relevant to a wide range of people.  If you want to be part of a day dedicated to addressing structural injustice, there is a place for you at RISE.

I’m a social worker, not an activist.  How is this relevant to me?

Social justice is one of the core values of social work.  The National Association of Social Workers, in its Code of Ethics, states that, as a fundamental ethical principle, “Social workers challenge social injustice.”  As a social worker, you have a unique opportunity to be a powerful advocate for social justice and equality. RISE will help you discover how to make the most of that opportunity.

I’m an activist, not a social worker.  How is this relevant to me?

If you work to confront structural injustice, you share a core value of the social work profession and will likely find social workers to be important collaborators.  The issues discussed and skills built at RISE will be relevant and useful to many people who are not social workers. One focus of the conference is the relationship between various social change professions and potential for collaboration.  Come to RISE and make new connections with other progressive and radical workers!

Why do I have to pay in cash?

RISE is committed to challenging capitalism and is resisting the nonprofit industrial complex that suppresses radical thoughts and action. RISE is a grassroots collective of volunteers, and all of the money we collect from ticket sales go directly to the cost of offering the event. We are asking for cash because the use of a third party ticket company, or credit card sales, places us in a position where we would have to become a formal institution / organization in order to account for these funds (i.e. 501c3, for profit business, etc.), which is a structure we are committed to resisting.

I don’t want to mail in payment, can I pay at the door?

In order to pay vendors and have a well-run conference, we need to receive attendees’ payment prior to the conference. We realize that, because we have moved toward a credit-based and online culture, people are not accustomed to paying cash, especially through the mail. But in order to truly resist capitalistic systems we are committed to organizing from an alternative approach in all ways, including payment structures.

Payment options are to mail a money order, a check made out to “cash”, or cash. People can certify and/or insure letters at the post office as a precaution if they wish.

We will not be able to hold a registration space without receiving mailed payment.

If you have any more questions or concerns about this practice, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Please email info@riseconference.org.

Where and when will RISE be held?

RISE will be held at West Brooklyn Community High School on Saturday, October 22 from 9am-6pm.

Can you provide travel scholarships?

Unfortunately we do not have sufficient funds to offer any financial assistance to participants coming from outside of NYC. Because of the very lost cost of attendance, all of money we raise goes directly to the conference expenses.

I am visiting from outside the United States. Can you write an invitation letter for my visa?

RISE is NOT a registered non-profit or NGO, so we can write a letter verifying your registration for the conference, but we cannot write an official invitational letter.

Please contact info@riseconference.org or leave a comment on this FAQ if your question is not answered here.


1. Mishra - June 30, 2010

Our Society is interest to participation on your conference please inform to me, how many participant can participate from one origination ? Do you Have groups registration discount, discount for developing countries and Invitation letter [provisions ?

RISE - June 30, 2010

We have not set a limit on the number of group participants. We have very low-cost registration (from $10-$25 US, per person), and we can work with you if that is too high.

Please email us at info@riseconference.org so we can discuss your questions in more detail.

Kate Barrow, RISE Organizer

2. Mr Mishra - July 1, 2010

I could not find appropated answer from your FAQ Please send to me answer as mention by e-mail before .

3. Spark Creativity - September 8, 2010

Hello, is there a youth track at the conference or are there workshops that are geared towards young people?

Kate Barrow - September 8, 2010

We do not have a specific youth track at the conference this year. However, a number of the workshops are appropriate for young people, particularly: Theater of the Oppressed, the School to Prison Pipeline, A DREAM Deferred: Immigrants/Students and Higher Education Panel, and Artivism & HIV. These workshops are interactive and many have youth presenting as well.

You can email me directly if you have more questions: kate@riseconference.org

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